Branding Solutions

Branding sense:

  • Consumers build brands, not companies. This is a fundamental marketing truth that cannot be denied. Consumers give brands value by developing perceptions and expectations for those brands. Companies enhance the value by delivering consistent brand experiences that consumers can trust.
  • Human psychology and how it affects consumer behavior is the foundation of brand building. What do consumers need? Do they really need those things or do they just think they do? What drives them to actually take action and buy once a real or perceived need is identified?
  • The key words areneedsand actions !

Why branding?

  • Because your brand is the way your customer perceives you.
  • Branding promotes recognition.
  • Your brand helps set you apart from the competition
  • Your brand tells people about your business DNA
  • Your brand provides motivation and direction for your staff
  • A strong brand generates referrals
  • A strong brand helps customers know what to expect
  • Your brand represents you and your promise to your customer
  • Your brand helps you connect with your customers
  • A strong brand provides your business value

We propose added value for branding:


How we can help your brand perception?

  • Trough special print technics
  • Special sizes for the print
  • Special effects
  • Special colors and pigments
  • Special optical effects in different lights environments
  • Special tactile effects using unconventional materials
  • Large scale productions capacities
  • Embroidery adjusting stitches program

Special print technics can work for you

  1. FLOCK (velvet)
  2. PUFF (expandable foam print up to 3mm high)
  3. HIGH DENSITY (up to 3 exposure leys in plastisol)
  4. METALIC COVER (metallic foil applied over the print)
  5. WATER EFFECT (transparent silicones)
  6. GLOW PHOSPHORIC (dark fluorescent print)
  7. REACTIVE  UV LIGHT (responding to ultraviolet light, not visible in regular light)
  8. SUBLIMATION (thermo-chemical transfer of pigments)
  9. STONES (applying multiple types of stones)
  10. GLITTER (small metal parts applied over the print)

Embroidery stitches correctional program

  • The program correct the miss matches stitches steps and reprogram the machine for better cover and appropriate embroidery to the initial designstitch_correction


  • The consumer always will associate the quality of the marketing products with the quality of the product he consumes !
  • Direct association is the specific result of trust and expectation of the consumer from a brand, based on emotional and olfactory senses and relayed on specific rewards he expect.
  • Marketing tools come to support the premises of sales increase and also for margins preservations.
  • A successful marketing project create the premises of a bright future of a company!